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Role:  Systems Designer

This was the contract that brought me to Shanghai, China.  My task was to lead a team in the creation of a full RPG game inside their currently existing MMO structure.  The fun twist?  This was an educational game intended to teach children to speak English.

In this role I drafted system design specs for; RPG Classes, Abilities, Monsters, Level Up, Combat Mechanics, Dungeons, Rewards, and mechanics that tied it all to the educational aspect of the game.  I led a team of artists and engineers in months of major feature implementation.  I also ran play testing sessions to fine tune game balance.


  • Led teams of engineers and artists in major feature implementation.
  • Balanced dozens of monster types over 100 levels.
  • Significant research into Chinese monsters/myths.
  • Voice Acting of English lessons (in British accent).
  • Learned to speak Mandarin Chinese.


2010 - Endorsed by CCTV and the Chinese Government.


2010 - Raised over 12 million in venture capital over two rounds.

8D World Gets $5.25 Million More To Teach English As A Foreign Language Online

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