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Role:  Lead Designer

When I was first establishing Neon Tiger Games, I took a contract with Isoplay as their Lead Designer for a music rhythm game.  This game was developed in association with Cheetah Animation Studios in China and Krej.net in Poland.  I worked with the CEO of Isoplay on game design, the manager of Cheetah Studios on our art asset pipeline, and the owner of Krej.Net on engineering estimates and deliverable.  I tracked progress from all three departments and delivered efficiency reports to the CEO of Isoplay.  I also did game design!

There where three joys of this project for me.  One, handling a diverse management situation.  Two, designing a music rhythm game.  Three, reaching out to my music industry contacts and recruiting interested bands.


  • Worked directly with CEO on product vision.
  • System design for all game features.
  • Coordinated art assets and engineering requirements.

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