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Role:  Level Designer

Officially we were called "Scenario Designers", but it is essentially what you would call level design today.  This was my first job in the game industry and it was an amazing experience.  Everyone was AAA, experienced, and dedicated.  Many long hours were well spent.

In this role I proposed, built, and tested levels from paper to final product using SSSI's proprietary engine, Titan 2.0.

Note:  I had earned this position by submitting StarCraft levels to SSSI.


  • Managed all boss battles in the single player campaign, providing feedback to other designers and making prototypes for potential boss battles.
  • Created the playable demo for our E3 and Leipzig showcases.
  • Assisted marketing and art departments by creating cinematic material and cut scenes.
  • Served as a voice acting coach during VO recordings, working alongside our sound engineer and the recording studio.


2006 - BAFTA for best Strategy Game


2005 - "E3 Best of Show" hosted by The Wargamer.




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