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Role:  Senior Designer

This contract moved me to Beijing, where I learned a tremendous about about Chinese culture, and Chinese business culture.

When I first started in this role I worked closely with the Lead Designer and CEO drafting proposals for potential projects.  As we hired on staff my responsibilities shifted into a System Design role.  During production I drafted system design specs for combat, abilities, gatcha, level up, and puzzle maps.  Our game focused on an innovative puzzle system where each creature on a players team had a single ability to solved, or otherwise logically interact, with map obstacles.


Mad Pets was the working title for an iOS game that was planned to be similar to both a Pokemon CCG and CastleVille.  It was a high fantasy world, populated by unique creatures drawn from Eastern and Western mythologies, and layered over a unique world story.  It is interesting to note that we had done research on using GPS to provide an augmented reality layer where players would find their creatures in the real world.


  • Worked with CEO and Lead Designer to implement agile/scrum.
  • Led feature meetings and scrum meetings.
  • Wrote game world backstory and lore.

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