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Role:  Lead Designer

Lands of Metal was Neon Tiger Games' RPG passion project.  Our goal was to create a traditional top down RPG focused on story and narrative with a few key innovations.  This game is currently shelved but my be developed for steam in the future.

For Lands of Metal I have written the story spine and defined the world geography.  The RPG system is a blend of Square Enix classic Romancing Saga and traditional infinity engine games (Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, etc.), with some unique elements used to cement the two.


  • Created Story Bible and main plot spine.
  • Created world maps and game flow for each story chapter.
  • Defined all monster types and invented some original ones.
  • Designed first iteration of game systems; combat, abilities, party, equipment, level up, rest, insanity, death/defeated, multiple endings.

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