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Role:  Game Designer / Scripter

Working with Subatomic Studios was inspiring.

My role as "Game Designer" was broad.  Initially I was tasked with managing the creation of the single player campaign.  Next, I took on the design of our CCG heroes and hero system.  Over time I eventually gravitated to being the primary scripter for the company, prototyping many of our hero abilities, writing unique AI protocols for specific hero behaviors, and working directly with engineering on database structures.  In this capacity I was able to take on few tasks, and debug tasks, that would have otherwise consumed engineering time.


  • Created SP campaign plan
  • Provided feedback to designers for Mission Creation
  • Collected feedback (and data) from live playtesters.
  • Worked directly with CCO on Hero character design.
  • Worked with Lead Designer and CCO on Hero pipeline.
  • Designed Hero Database and Hero Ability Database.

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