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Role:  Voice Director / Scripter

This was my first remote contract.  It was also my first experience working on an Indie Game.  I worked part time with Reverie World Studios, on and off, for two years.  I began as a level scripter and eventually migrated to a voice direction role.  During this time I got to work with Gordon Farrell ( writer for Empire Earth ), a game veteran whom I deeply respect as an artist.

In this role I did casting and direction for voice overs, as well as participated in narrative meetings.  I also did LUA scripting for demo levels and assisted with general bug testing.


  • Made trips to the home office in Toronto for final voice over recordings.
  • Assisted in the creation of playable demo levels using LUA script.


2012 - One of the first 50 games to be voted through Steam Greenlight by the gaming public.


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