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Role:  Game Designer

Taking on the challenge of producing a high quality AAA Call of Duty title with one less year then normally allocated, we did it.  We did it while adding more weapon features then any previous project.  Then we integrated our weapons with a sister project in the franchise.  We did all of this working from home during a global pandemic.

My role was to make the Call of Duty guns perform with personality in a highly competative game.  To give each piece of content a role, a purpose, and way to be situationally superior.  I also worked on the next level of weapons feel with model and view motion, coordinating with animators on some highly detailed presentation.


  • Game Balance for all MP Weapons and Attachments.
  • Prototyped, balacne, and polish new Weapon Features.
  • Assisted Zombies and Story Campaign with weapons data.
  • Assisted Warzone team with Cold War weapon integration.
  • Created DLC weapons for ship.
  • Live Ops Balance on Call of Duty.

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